So my son is the master of poo. Yeah, that’s right he’s a poo ninja. King of all things poo. Jack of all trades, master of poo…

My first two posts have been about my trepidation and concerns when it comes to being a new parent and a meltdown that we predicted. In this post I wanted to share a proud dad moment as a nice change of pace. Let’s focus on the many positives, shall we?

My wife and I have been trying to potty train our youngest since he came to live with us. The foster carer started this process when they were living with her, but she put this on hold during introductions as our youngest had more important things to worry about.

So, we picked up the gauntlet and blindly jumped in, feet first, despite not having a clue what we’re doing. Luckily, my wife and I are both from large families, so we called our respective mum’s for advice.

Master of poo

Nailing the wee

Getting the wees under control was relatively easy for us. We bought some Paw Patrol undies and let the little fella run around the back garden for a few days. Yes there were accidents, but he soon got an understanding as to how it feels when he needs a wee.

He now holds it in and generally does his wees on the toilet, rather than in his pullup. However, we haven’t tackled night time yet – that’s a whole different ball game that we’re not quite ready for!

Master of poos

Unfortunately, the number twos are proving to be a little more elusive. We ask and ask and ask if he needs a poo and his response is always the same – with an inquisitive and slightly confused look on his face…


Instead, when he needs a poo, he silently slopes off to a quiet corner in another room to do his business in his pullup. That “quiet corner” is usually behind my office chair in the study.

The net result of which is upon returning to my desk from lunch, my nose is hit with a full frontal assault that has all the subtly of an atomic bomb!

There have been some successes with the art of pooing on the toilet, but that’s more down to good timing rather than actual mastery of the poo on our youngest’s part.

But today, just after lunch, I headed back up to the study and there was no assault on my nasal cavity – the air was light and fresh and beautiful. “This is a nice change…” I thought to myself.

I got back to work and a little while later I heard much cheering from downstairs, shortly followed by our oldest barging into the study (while I was on a work call with around 30 people) announcing at the top of his voice…


The cheers then also erupted on my call too, much to my proud amusement. What a kid!

Yes people, that’s right, my son is now the master of all things poo! Let’s just hope it continues. Our next step is to conquer mount Make It Through The Night. Wish us luck!

Until next time, Dad out.

Photo by DesignClass on Unsplash